HYPERION WORKS was started in January 2011. We're a full-service business and residential computer sales and services company.

We began the two aspects (business and residential) of our business with something very simple in mind -- That computers should be tools to make our lives easier, more productive, and more fulfilling.

On the business side, this means allowing you to form technology around your ideal business practices, and move your business along without making you a slave to your workplace or your computer. "Work Free" is our slogan here, which describes our vision for the ideal lifestyle of the business owner. This means that you're not stuck in a work vs. life mode, but rather that your work is whenever and wherever you want it to me. Work doesn't occur when you're in the office, and stop when you leave the office. So your technology should allow you to do anything anywhere. "Work Free" means that you can choose between sitting behind your office desk, hanging out at Starbucks with a laptop, or browsing through a tablet on the beach, and in each case be productive. In this way, your business melds with your life rather than interrupting it.

On the residential side, this means holding your hand throughout the whole process, both pre- and post-sales. We're with you for the long haul, maintaining you and your family's computing environments from start to finish and everything in between. With your HypeLine, we're responsible for making sure your computer is always in peak condition, and keeping you current with changing trends and advice.