HYPERION WORKS is a manufacturer of several form-factors of workstations, and we proudly utilize only the highest-quality components in each of our workstations.

Form Factors

The Orion is our standard tower, which sits comfortably under a desk. This system can be customized to meet virtually any workstation need, from basic office tasks to video editing and 3D-rendering.

The Vega is our All-in-One (AiO) solution, but better. A standard AiO means that every failure is also all-in-one. If the computer fails, the entire system is unusable. The same thing happens when the monitor fails. Rather than being an actual AiO where the computer and monitor is one single, inseparable unit; the computer is so small that it attaches to the back of the computer. Even though they work as a single unit, they are still easily separated. If the monitor or computer fails, the other can be easily repaired or replaced without the need to replace the entire system.


We're very particular about the components that we use in our workstations, both in their performance and their longevity. For instance, we use solid-state drives (SSDs) as the standard storage device in every workstation. And we use only the best brands of those devices. SSDs improve the performance of starting applications, opening and saving files, and don't require defragmentation.