Managed Offsite Backup

HYPERION WORKS managed offsite backup service backs up data on your servers to our secure data center.

Problems with Other Offsite Backup Services

Most backup services involve installing software onto your computer, and configuring what you want to backup. The installed software uses a push method. That is, the software runs when all is well and pushes the backup to the service. The service doesn't know the schedule, so it doesn't know if a backup isn't running on schedule. It can only know if after a period of time the backup hasn't been run. And even then, they don't do anything beyond telling you that the backup didn't work, putting the burden on you to resolve the issue.

Our Solution

We use a pull method. This means that our backup servers make a secure tunnel into your servers and pull a copy of your data. Because of this, our servers know exactly when the backups are supposed to run, and they know when it doesn't run properly as scheduled. Additionally, we have technicians monitoring each client's backup services daily. So we know if someone's backup didn't work, and we immediately act to investigate and repair the issue.

By default, we store 30-days worth of our clients' data, so we can go back in time to any day in the previous 30 days to restore data. However, the number of days of data that's stored is the client's choice.