Hosted Services

HYPERION WORKS provides a variety of hosting services:

Hosted vs. On-Premises Back-Ends

The standard network involves both back-end infrastructure (file servers, email servers, phone servers, etc), and front-end infrastructure (workstations, printers, scanners, etc) being on-premises. Many businesses like to operate in this way. But with internet speeds continuously improving, some businesses like to operate in a "lean and mean" environment, eliminating the need to maintain their own back-end infrastructure. Imagine:

Maintaining a proper network is difficult, time-consuming, and expensive. For businesses that want that, we provide those Managed Network Services. You need servers to store centralized data, proper permissions and user management, backups, intrusion detection, and ongoing maintenance to protect against evolving threats.

Traditionally, networks were built this way, mostly out of necessity. Internet connectivity just wasn't fast enough to provide these same services remotely. And even when speeds picked up, many of these services were designed for local use only. We've adapted these services for remote use so that we can provide a hosted back-end infrastructure. All you need are the front-end devices (like your desktop computer or laptop, phone, etc), and you can work from anywhere you have an internet connection. No need to be at your desk or even in your office. No need to install complex software in order to access certain services. Your access to your company's data and services work the same way no matter where you are.