VoIP Phone Systems & Service

HYPERION WORKS provides a full-featured hosted phone system and monthly phone service.

VoIP Advantages

VoIP has advantages over traditional analog lines and digital PBX systems.


Cost is likely the biggest and most common advantage people seek out when they're investigating VoIP as a possible solution. Because VoIP doesn't use the monopolistic ILEC (Incumbent Local Exchange Carrier) infrastructure, but rather uses your existing internet connection, the costs to provide the service are far lower, and those savings are passed on to you. In many cases, you can save 50% or more using VoIP services rather than traditional services through your ILEC.


Because VoIP services are virtual, the management of those services happens through software, and therefore changes to the service can be made quickly and easily.

Simple Installation

VoIP services are easy to install, especially those using a hosted phone system like ours. There is now back-end phone system to install. Installation is literally a matter of plugging the phones into the network, and waiting a couple of minutes for them to boot up. This also makes moving services straight-forward, such as in the case of an office move.


VoIP services easily scale up or down as needed by the business. With traditional phone services, adding more services is usually a matter of stringing in new cable and/or purchasing more modules which are proprietary to your phone system, then hiring someone who knows how your phone system works in order to install and configure them (and because businesses often use the same phone system for upwards of 15 years, finding someone knowledgeable in this process can be challenging).

With VoIP, these changes are software-based, and are made much more easily.

Location Independent

With traditional phones, each handset must be hard-wired into the phone system. This can make it very difficult to configure remote users.

VoIP phones simply need a good, solid internet connection. Their location doesn't matter. You can have 20 phones in a single office building, or 20 phones each scattered across various branch locations, and they all operate in the exact same way.

Feature Set

VoIP phone systems are extremely flexible, and allow for customized setups. Placing calls on hold, call transfer, forwarding, conference calling, auto-attendants, and many more are all built-in options. Many additional options become available with add-ons so that virtually anything is possible. For instance, with our Click2Call plug-in, you can quickly call any number in your email or on the web by simply clicking on it.


Because VoIP phones are software-based, their functionality can be integrated into other functions. We have some clients that have customized applications that they use to run their business, and their phones integrate with these applications (such as built-in calling and logging). Our phone services expose an API to authorized users allowing integration, either with custom applications that we've built, or with applications created by third-parties.