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Useful Shortcut Keys

February 10th, 2019

Today, we'd like to put the "fun" in functionality.
Useful Shortcut Keys

Like many others, you spend a lot of your time on a PC 'clicking around'. I have found that when I'm in the hot zone, writing an email or finishing a report, I do best when I don't have to keep switching from the mouse to keyboard. I want to show you some cool tricks we've found to minimize those small annoyances that take time out of your day. I am going to teach you about some useful shortcut keys that will make your workflow run smoother.

First, I want to teach you about a little gem on your keyboard that seems to go unused by the masses. The Windows Key.

Windows Key

Located on the bottom left side of just about any keyboard, the Windows Key gives you instant access to the Start menu and search bar. Using this key, you can access anything within your operating system within seconds. For example, if you want to access your documents, hit Windows Key, type "documents", press "Enter" and just like that you are in your documents folder.

If you are constantly switching back between multiple programs, Windows Key + Tab will make your life much easier by opening the task viewer.

Windows Desktop

Task viewer allows you to quickly locate an open window. This is especially helpful when using multiple monitors.

Another great shortcut key is Alt + Tab. This will automatically switch between the open apps on your computer. This is more useful when switching between two or three apps at a time.

If you need two windows open at the same time to reference a web page while you type an email Windows Key + Left Arrow Key or Windows Key + Right Arrow Key will place your current page on either the left or right side of the screen and lets you choose which window to fill the other half of the screen.

I can go on for days about shortcut keys, but there are too many to fit in one small email. Visit Microsoft's List of Windows Keyboard Shortcuts for an extensive list.

If you have a specific annoyance that constantly slows you down and want to talk to an expert, give us a call and we'll help put your mind at ease.

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