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Wired vs. Wireless -- How Should You Set Up Your Office?

March 13th, 2019

Whether you are moving into a new office, remodeling, or installing new equipment, you should be asking yourself if your workstations and network should be wired or wireless. So when should you go wireless?
Wired vs. Wireless

A general rule of thumb is that if you need mobility or simply can't run a wire to the device, then wireless is your best option. While there are advantages to increased mobility, there are issues with going completely wireless that must be considered.

The biggest issue is that wireless networks are subject to interference by other wireless networks. Something as simple as a neighbor installing a wireless network near you can create problems with your wireless signal.

Wireless networks also expose you to some security risks. The wireless network signal goes beyond the walls of your office and someone on the outside can use that to gain access to your network if it's not properly secured.

If wireless is not for you, then wired is the way to go.

Wired networks are faster, more reliable, and more secure than their wireless counterpart. Someone would have to be in your office to plug into your network if they wanted to access it the same way that a wireless connection would allow.

The only downside is actually running the wire throughout your office. This is usually done through the ceiling and walls, and may require some interruptions to your work space for a short amount of time.

What works best for your office?

If you want some assistance with the decision, or would like to speak with an expert about your specific setup give us a call!

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